Delivery Service 5/25更新


『期間限定でデリバリー・サービスを始めました』 English is below

①きゅうりのハノイサラダ  ¥900

②トマトサラダ  ¥1000

③パセリサラダ  ¥1000

④ハチの巣のレッドカレーソース蒸し  ¥1000

⑤焼きなすのスパイシーサラダ  ¥1000

⑥豚肉のミントサラダ  ¥1500

⑦豚肉の網焼きハーブ和え ラオススタイル  ¥2000

⑧ヤリイカとセロリのスパイシーサラダ  ¥1500

⑨レンコンと鶏胸肉のサラダ  ベトナムスタイル  ¥1500

⑩野菜と海老の炒め  ¥1300

⑪網焼き牛肉とアボカドのスパイシーサラダ  ¥2000

⑫青パパイヤとニンジンのサラダと焼き鳥のセット  ¥1500


⑭カニチャーハン  ¥1500

⑮自家製梅干しのチャーハン ¥1500

⑯鶏肉のタイバジル炒めのせご飯  ¥1500


⑱ジャスミンライス  ¥500













『We have started the delivery service for a limited time』

①Cucumber salad Hanoi salad ¥900

②Tomato salad ¥1000

③Parsley salad ¥1000

④Steamed beef honeycomb tripe with Red curry sauce ¥1000

⑤Spicy grilled eggplant salad ¥1000

⑥Spicy minced pork salad with Mint leaves ¥1500

⑦Spicy grilled pork salad with Herbs Laos style ¥2000

⑧Spicy squid and Celery salad Thai style ¥1500

⑨Lotus root and Chicken breast salad Vietnamese salad ¥1500

⑩Stir fried vegetables with Shrimps ¥1300

⑪Spicy grilled beef and Avocado salad ¥2000

⑫Spicy green papaya salad and Yakitori Thai style ¥1500

⑬Chicken green curry ¥1500

⑭Stir-fried rice with Crabmeat ¥1500

⑮Stir-fried rice with Home made pickled plum ¥1500

⑯Spicy stir-fried minced chicken with Holy basil and Rice ¥1500

⑰Paad thai (Stir-fried rice noodles with Shrimps) ¥1500

⑱Jasmine rice ¥500

All prices are included tax.

In principle, We can deliver all the products at your door on the day when you order them by the day before. About order on the day, we do not have a normal business now, so we can be flexible with same-day orders.

Delivery hours are from 6 pm to 10 pm. Please consult with us at other times. We assume that delivery areas are Azabu district, Roppongi, Hiroo, Ebisu, Shirogane and Aoyama district. Please consult with us in other areas too.

The delivery is expected to be at your home (on the doorstep), at your office, or at a pre-arranged meeting point, where you can hand it in.

It is possible to deliver if the total price of your order is ¥2000 or more.

We only accept cash.

①~⑱ will be with a simple food pack. We think that you can enjoy it tastier if you move it to another plate in your home.

To deliver that We do through about to check delivery staff (Me)’s a health and wearing a mask and plastic gloves.

It may be difficult to do doing smoothly since we are not very used to it, but We’ll do our best.

Thank you.

To order is below.

03-5410-8998  (QWANG)

080-5431-7603  (Mobile)